Exclusive Trailer Premiere To Guillermo Del Toros “Shape Of Water – The Whisper Of The Water”

In “Shape Of Water”, a woman and a water creature communicate without words – we exclusively show you the first German trailer for the new film by “Pan’s labyrinth” director Guillermo del Toro.

In a secret US research lab, mute Elisa (Sally Hawkins) received a job as a grooming aid during the Cold War. The fact that Elisa can not speak and leads a lonely life, the responsible of the laboratory is only convenient, but should not penetrate any information from the facility to the outside. But then Elisa and her colleague Zelda (Octavia Spencer) discover that the laboratory is conducting experiments on a fish creature (Doug Jones) that nobody bothers to communicate with. Elisa establishes contact – and an intense bond develops, which causes the woman to help the prisoner to escape.

At the 2017 International Film Festival in Guillermo del Toro’s “Shape Of Water” was awarded the Golden Lion, and he is considered a promising candidate for the upcoming Academy Awards. On February 15, 2018, the romantic fantasy drama will be released. Michael Shannon, Michael Stuhlbarg and Richard Jenkins will also be there.

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