This Is How Céline Dion And Deadpool Recorded Video Of The Soundtrack

The singer plays “Ashes”, main song of the film that opens on May 17.
Given the great acceptance that had the video of “Ashes” in which the singer Céline Dion and the superhero Deadpool perform the main song of the soundtrack of the film that opens on May 17, 20th Century Fox shared the behind cameras. (See final trailer of “Deadpool 2”).

Deadpool claims that he “removed five bones from my body, including the bones of my collar and the seven inches of my spine, all so I’ll be a little more fluid.”

For his part, Dion asks his partner “You look good, are they real?”, While squeezing Deadpool’s breasts. (Read Ryan Reynolds says that Deadpool “will never be the guy who tries to save the world”).
“Yes, they are like a cup A”, jokes Deadpool. “Me too,” replies Dion.

Directed by David Leitch, “Deadpool 2” follows Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), who after surviving a near-fatal bovine attack, struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming the most attractive bartender of Mayberry, while learning to deal with the loss of your sense of taste.

Wade, also known as Deadpool, also seeks to recover the spark of life and a flow condenser, but must fight against ninjas, the yakuza and a pack of sexually aggressive dogs, while traveling around the world to discover the importance of the family , friendship and taste – finding a new taste for adventure and receiving the coveted cup of coffee with the title “Best lover in the world”.

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