Ozzy Osbourne Began To Say Goodbye To The Stages In Mexico

After passing through Latin America, Ozzy Osbourne will arrive in Moscow on June 1, where he will open a month full of performances in Europe. The farewell tour will stop in the United States in 2020.

British heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, who once tore the head off a living bat on stage, began another farewell tour on Saturday, half a century after the start of his career with the Black Sabbath group.

The “Prince of Darkness” arrived this weekend at the Hell & Heaven Festival, held in Mexico City, to say “goodbye” to the stage, a few months after the band that catapulted him into the history of rock will definitely come down the curtain.

“Hell and Heaven Fest is the place for all the bad sinners”, sang the 69-year-old star, recalling his classic War Pigs before some 80,000 attendees, according to figures from the organizers, which packed the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodromo to witness this so-called “beginning of the end”.
Accompanied by his faithful guitarist Zakk Wylde, bassist Blasko, drummer Tommy Clufetos and keyboard player Adam Wakeman, Ozzy Osbourne pleased his followers of several generations with an assortment of repertoire that included songs like Bark at The Moon, Mr. Crowley, Shot in The Dark and Mama I’m Coming Home.

Although officially the tour No More Tours 2, which evokes his 1991 album No More Tears started in the Mexican capital, Osbourne led the Rockville Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, on April 27 where the series began of concerts that will keep him active until 2020.
Already in 1992, the musician had a failed first attempt to withdraw from the world of concerts when he toured the No More Tours after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

His much-anticipated retirement from international stages began a first leg in Latin America, with Mexico as a starting point, and will arrive in Chile, Argentina and Brazil in the coming days.
End of an era
For Rogelio Matamoros, a Mexican engineer and faithful follower of Ozzy Osbourne, the possibility of being one of the first to witness the last international tour of the former leader of Black Sabbath woke up “mixed feelings”.
“To me, like many others, the goodbye of Ozzy from the tours gives us an emotion that rock is running out,” Matamoros told AFP.
In the opinion of this musician of 46 years, the controversial musician who in 1982 plucked the head of a live bat during a concert, reached the peak of his career, with the Black Sabbath tour, and in the decline of his health.
“This end is dictated by his age and his state of health, because Ozzy was a man of many excesses,” said Matamoros, who was able to see the Briton live on several occasions.
Osbourne was expelled from Black Sabbath for consuming substances in 1979, a stage in which he achieved fame alone, surrounded by polemics and eccentricities.

Luis Jasso, another faithful follower of Osbourne and expert in the genre of metal, said that although the British does not bid farewell to world tours with a new album, an element that makes it “interesting” and “emotional” for those who see it is that his show has a repertoire of great successes.

Both Mexicans agreed that one of the most “hated” stages among the followers of the veteran musician came in the mid-1990s when he starred in the MTV reality show The Osbournes, which embodied the day to day of his family.
“I felt a bit embarrassed to see Ozzy in a reality show, although that stage helped him position himself among the new generations who did not know his music,” said Matamoros.

After passing through Latin America, Ozzy Osbourne will arrive in Moscow on June 1, where he will open a month full of performances in Europe. The tour will end in the United States with dates scheduled until 2020.
The iconic rocker has said however that the possibility of doing the odd show, after the tour is over, is not ruled out.

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