Ten Years Ago Katy Perry Kissed A Girl And She Liked It

The singer celebrated on her social networks the tenth anniversary of her first big success with a video that reflects how much she has evolved -in all senses- since she started in music.

It’s been ten years since Katy Perry became a global phenomenon because she told how she had kissed a girl and liked her song I Kissed A Girl. On such an important date for her career, the interpreter has turned to their social networks to look back with a video that starts with her listening for the first time to her single on the radio and with which she wanted to thank her fans from the bottom of her heart your unconditional support

“This weekend marked the anniversary of the release of I Kissed A Girl, thank you for believing in me then and growing up by my side,” she wrote excitedly on her Twitter account.

Throughout that decade, Katy Perry, who was born into a very religious family, has come a long way since her beginnings as a gospel singer under the name Kate Hudson, both on a personal and professional level: after her A brief marriage of two years with the comedian Russell Brand, the star is now a divorced woman who openly enjoys an emotional relationship with Orlando Bloom. In fact, this weekend the couple confirmed the new opportunity they have given to their romance after a brief parenthesis in a rather curious way: sharing in their social networks an image of their audience with Pope Francisco during his visit to the Vatican .

On the other hand, at present there is no trace of the young woman with black hair and fringe that appears in the first few seconds of the aforementioned recording. Facing the release of her latest album, Witness, the artist has distanced herself from her old image as a sexual icon to embrace a more futuristic look and marked by her step from brunette to blonde. His pixie haircut should reflect in some way his commitment to a deeper type of pop and with certain airs of social denunciation that, however, has not finished convincing the specialized critics.

However, that disappointment at the message of their new songs did not prevent Katy Perry from making history with the salary she received for her participation in the American Idol contest – more than twenty million dollars – and far exceeding that of any other male artist who had participated in the program.

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