Spotify Now Offers Direct Share Functionality For Instagram Stories

Spotify and Instagram have released a new feature that makes it easier for users to share their current favorite music.

In detail, this looks like this: Spotify users can directly select the “Instagram Stories” option via the “Share” option of the app. Afterwards, the Instagram app automatically opens and a computer-generated screenshot of the song currently being played on Spotify appears in the user’s Instagram story. This can – as usual – be additionally personalized by text, hashtags and stickers.
The trick is, however: In the posted story is now a through the “Share” function deposited link, through which other users come to the Spotify profile of the song displayed in the story. This greatly facilitates the sharing of music via the photo service and makes annoying “Link in Bio” posts obsolete.

Commenting on the innovation in a statement, Instagram says: “The music world lives on Instagram – three of the five accounts with the most followers are musicians. Music fans come to Instagram to express themselves and discover new content from their favorite artists, and we’re making it even easier with the ability to share content directly through Spotify. ”
Spotify also commented on the new feature. The Swedish streaming service says that the discovery of new music has been added to a whole new level because “giving friends the opportunity to see what you’re listening to – and you can equal it.”

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