Kanye West Asserts That Slavery Was An “Option”

The rapper and husband of Kim Kardashian generates a new controversy, after having publicly supported the president of the United States, Donald Trump.
Kanye West, who had already been criticized for having supported Donald Trump, sparked controversy again on Tuesday by claiming that slavery was an “option”.
“You hear it said that slavery lasted 400 years, 400 years, it seems like an option,” the Chicago rapper said in an interview with celebrity news site TMZ on the occasion of the next release of his last two albums.
“We are in a mental prison, I like the word ‘prison’ because ‘slaves’ is too linked to blacks,” he said.
“I know of course that the slaves were not chained and embarked because they wanted to,” he wrote on Twitter after receiving many criticisms. But “we can not remain mentally prisoners for the next 400 years,” he said.
The artist, 40 years old and married to model Kim Kardashian, returned to frequent social networks in April after a long absence due to depression and hospitalization. (See Kim Kardashian shows the reality behind a family portrait).
In addition to announcing his new projects, Kanye West ratified his support for his “brother” Donald Trump, whom he considers as “an energy dragon”, a qualifier he uses for himself.
Numerous artists of the hip-hop community, mostly Afro-descendant and opposed to the Republican president, criticized him, but “Yeezy” – as he is known – received the backing of conservative columnists.

In 2005, after the devastating passage of hurricane Katrina by New Orleans, West had accused on television the president of then George W. Bush of “not paying attention to the blacks”.
On Tuesday he admitted to having been offended because Barack Obama did not invite him to the White House.

In 2009, the Democratic president, also black and born in Chicago, treated him as “rough” for his behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards, when “Yeezy” interrupted the ceremony to proclaim that Taylor Swift did not deserve to be awarded.
Obama “never called me to apologize,” lamented the rapper.

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