Liam Payne Enjoys The Collaboration With J. Balvin To The Fullest

The 24-year-old singer released his latest single ‘Familiar’ last week, featuring the Colombian Latin-pop singer. The cooperation of the artists came about quite unconventionally, as Liam reveals in an interview with ‘’. The two musicians got to know each other through a mutual friend at a dinner. “In conversation, we realized that we’re both very much alike, he wanted to see what I’m working on and I showed him the song and he said he’s not done yet, you’re welcome to contribute, if you like a few days ago he sent me his part “, recalls the former one-direction singer.

Also the video for the new track is already turned off. In it, Payne and J. Balvin will dance around on car roof tops in best Justin Timberlake and NSYNC style. That was great fun for the singer. It turned out to be a fun party video, we had a really great crew with us and we laughed a lot, we did stupid stuff all the time doing silly dances, “says the Strip That Down. Artist.

However, despite his successful solo career, the young Briton did not forget his old colleagues from the boy band era with One Direction. “I find it exciting to see where everyone is now developing and I’m happy about the success of others, and if it’s good for Harry [Styles] and for the other guys as well, then I’m happy,” Liam says candidly. “I’m proud to come from a band where all members are also successful solo, we are all in uncharted territory and I like that.”

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