The List : 5 Baseball Movies To See Or See Again

1. Moneyball (Bennett Miller, 2011)

THE baseball movie of the last decade, inspired by the incredible gamble of former Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt). During one season, this strategist transformed a moribund team into an exceptional club based solely on advanced statistics. A crazy bet told with brio and emotion. When reality goes beyond fiction.

2. The beautiful and the veteran / Bull Durham (Ron Shelton, 1988)

The beautiful and the veteran is first of all a very good baseball film and then a romantic comedy. Its truth about the reality of minor league players comes from the fact that the film is based on the director’s own experience. A feature film perfectly calibrated with a household of three great characters, including the inimitable pitcher free electron “Nuke” LaLoosh, played by Tim Robbins. Memories imperishable.

3. A summer without a point or a hit (Francis Leclerc, 2008)

Pierre-Luc Funk, in his early days, plays a crazy baseball kid, cut off from his baseball team. His father (Patrice Robitaille) will descend on the diamond to take things in hand. A film bathed in a tender nostalgia, in a year 1969 marked by the arrival of the Expos and the first step of the man on the Moon.

4. Field of Dreams / Field of Dreams (Phil Alden Robinson, 1989)

“If you build it, they will come.” The maxim of this classic, used ad nauseam for the Videotron Center and a hypothetical return of the Nordiques, tells the epic of a farmer (Kevin Costner), who decides to erect a land baseball to see dislocated players from the White Sox formation of 1919.

5. A League in Petticoats / League of their Own (Penny Marshall, 1992)

In 1943, while men are at war, women storm the major leagues in this sporting story unfolded against the backdrop of rivalry between sisters. Geena Davis (who catches a ball splitting, please!) Stars alongside Madonna and Tom Hanks, among others. For its significance “cultural, historical and aesthetic”, the film entered the US Congress Library in 2012 and is currently being adapted by Amazon as a TV series.

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