“Have It All” Clip : Jason Mraz Returns To School For A New Unifying Title

Ten years after the success of “I’m Yours”, Jason Mraz tries to retest the winning formula with “Have It All”, a folk song with unifying accents. In the clip, the singer is back on the school benches with the firm intention of partying. Look !

This year, Jason Mraz celebrates 10 years of his hit “I’m Yours” which has revealed it to the general public. If he now has a label of “one-hit wonder”, the 40-year-old singer has always continued to offer albums. Proof of this is his return on Friday 27th with “Have It All”, accompanied by a clip shot in San Diego, where the singer returns to the school benches and parties with all the students of a college. A resolutely upbeat and hedonistic title, produced by JKash (Maroon 5, Charlie Puth), David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson) and Raining Jane (American folk group): “Here’s to the hearts that you gonna break / Here’s to the lies that you gonna change / Here’s to excellence, possible ways to love you. Jason Mraz addresses an unknown person to whom he offers absolutely everything: objects, feelings, spirituality, love … This return is therefore the sign of a new album imminent, whose singer has not yet announced the release date.

“I Want You To Have It All”
If Jason Mraz turns since 2002, it will be necessary to wait until 2008 before it reaches the success, in particular in France, with the folk tube “I’m Yours”, sold to more than 12 million copies throughout the world and number one in a dozen countries. An unprecedented success that led him to perform at the ZĂ©nith in Paris at the time and helped him sell 5 million copies of the album “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.” The singer had even won 2 Grammy Awards for his collaboration with Colbie Caillat on the title “Lucky”. Four years later, he will experience a second hit with “I Will not Give Up” which has hit everywhere … except in France. In addition to his singing career, in 2017 he held one of the main roles of the musical “Waitress” on Broadway. With “Have It All”, Jason Mraz tries to recreate the success of “I’m Yours” with a similar title. If the artist enjoys a good capital sympathy in France, it will be necessary to wait to see if the title, and the album to come, will have the same success as it is ten years ago!

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