Gronkowski Is Missing At The Training Start

Not at the Patriots training start: Rob Gronkowski probably ponders further about career end
On Monday, Bill Belichick asks his players to gallop into the new season of the New England Patriots. The head coach apparently has to do without Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.
Munich / Foxborough – The New England Patriots begin their hunt for the sixth championship ring on Monday. The starting shot will fall without the two most famous faces of the team. According to “ESPN” reporter Adam Schefter, both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will shine through their absence.
This is particularly surprising in the quarterback, who otherwise always bribed with great diligence during the offseason program. He is currently working in Qatar, but will miss only a few units.

“Gronk” ponders career
Something different is the case with “Gronk”. The tight end is still wondering if he should continue his injury-plagued career in the NFL at all.
But Schefter writes at least that the five-time pro-bowler “in good conversation” with the Patriots. A quick start to training would obviously be financially rewarding for Gronkowski: his contract will include a clause stating that he would receive a $ 250,000 bonus when participating in a certain percentage of voluntary training sessions.

Contract is still two years
The 28-year-old’s contract will run for more than two years. “Gronk” had already made headlines because he discovered Brady’s fitness program “TB12 Method” for himself and slimmed down a few pounds. This has apparently led to disparagement between the passport receiver and head coach Bill Belichick.
About Gronkowski’s absence on Monday “the Hoodie”, who is celebrating his 66th birthday on Monday, but obviously overlook. According to “ESPN”, he said, “I’ve talked to some players who have other commitments, that’s just the way it is.”

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