Chelsea Can Use Wembley Even If The Stadium Is For Sale

Shahid Khan who plans to buy Wembley invited Chelsea to wear Wembley when later Stamford Bridge renovated.
Chelsea can still use Wembley as their temporary home enclosure when Stamford Bridge is renovated, and it has been emphasized by Shahid Khan as the man who is trying to buy the British national stadium

The Football Federation (FA) on Thursday (26/4) yesterday received an offer from Khan, who is the owner of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars club and Fulham League Championship club, while the offer is estimated at £ 800m.

Chelsea themselves some time ago looked at Wembley as their ideal headquarters during the renovated Stamford Bridge, and Khan will not hinder the move.

“We will welcome them [Chelsea] with open arms,” Khan said quoted by Sky Sports News. “It makes the stadium even more useful, it gives us more exposure [to the media] and it becomes part of the mission of assisting English football.
“Building a better stadium for the club is part of the [Chelsea] mission. Spurs have done it, and Chelsea are now welcome. ”
Khan also joked would allow fulham rivals namely Millwall to headquartered at Wembley.
“With Millwall’s season – they are ambitious – of course they will be accepted. But they must behave well first, but still they are also allowed! “He concluded.

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