Kevin Davis : Ex-NFL Professional Is Now Firefighter

About half a year ago, Kevin Davis was fired from the Los Angeles Rams and has since been out of work in the NFL. Now he draws the consequences.

Munich – Kevin Davis was a realist from the start. Therefore, the linebacker always had a plan B in his pocket. Something solid, something serious, would be any mother whose son aspires to pursue a career in the NFL. This card Davis actually pulls: The German ends his career. At 24 years old. And now do something solid.

“I’ve decided to leave football behind and pursue a career as a firefighter,” he told on request, his current plans.
By the way, he had already announced that about a year after the Combine in ran interview: “If the football career should actually be over, I will go to the fire department.” This decision has been made for some time. ”

Davis had been released by the Los Angeles Rams before the 2017 season as part of the roster cut. Since then he had tried in vain to gain a foothold in the NFL.

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