Courtney Love Emotionally Recalls The Late Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love posted a photo of herself and her husband Kurt Cobain on Instagram. The Nirvana singer, who committed suicide at his home in Seattle on April 4, 1994, would have turned 51 today on February 20, 2018.

The picture, which shows Courtney Love lying in the arms of Cobain, the Hole singer simply signed: “Happy birthday baby god I miss you”.

Currently, Cobain’s widow and her co-daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, are fighting in court against a release of previously shuttered crime scene images. The shots are to show Cobain shortly after his suicide by a headshot. Courtney Love and her daughter argue in court that publication of the photos could provoke post-traumatic reactions in 25-year-old Francis Bean Cobain.

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