Liam Gallagher Claims German Police Have Pulled His Teeth With Pliers

In a recent interview with British newspaper The Guardian, Liam Gallagher claims that German policemen pulled two of his incisors with pliers. The singer refers to one of his inglorious Ausraster, which led to an arrest in Munich in 2002.

Gallagher himself claims that the band had been the victim of a “groundless attack by a group of youths” and that he was beaten unconscious by the police. The ex-Oasis singer recalls in conversation with the Guardian as follows:

“If I hit you in the face, would you think you risked a big lip, right? Only I had not risked a big lip. […] I see it as follows: It all started when I kicked one of the cops in the damn lobby and then woke up in the damned jail. So I think they put a blow to my head in the damn van and they thought to fuck you, you cunt! ‘Cause they (his teeth, note) were perfectly pulled out. They said, ‘Oh, when you came up the stairs, you stumbled and knocked them out there.’ But then they’d be broken, would not they? ‘
For Liam Gallagher, the case seems, 15 years later, crystal clear: “You’ve fucking pulled me back because I’ve kicked one of her old bags!”
The Munich police have not yet commented on the allegations of Gallagher.

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