Super Bowl Tradition

The first Sunday of February is always an unusual day for most Americans. Including in New York City, where I am currently studying. The density of the streets was reduced because at that time the majority of Uncle Sam’s country was glued in front of the television, watching the Super Bowl game.

Yes, on the day of the Super Bowl, or the final NFL party, almost all activities are centered on this show, showing how much American Football appeals to the American public. The bars throughout the city are filled not only by fans of both teams, but also American Football fans in general.

It can be said that the Super Bowl has become a kind of tradition for US society. More than just a sporting event, the Super Bowl has become an entertainment with a pause round that involves leading musicians. One of them is Lady Gaga who filled the entertainment event pause the Super Bowl round of 51st edition between Atlanta Falcons against New England Patriots on Sunday (5/2).

In addition, various advertisements from leading brands and products as well as footage of widescreen films that will soon be released also adorn the Super Bowl broadcasts on the screen.

“The ads are different than what I used to watch, let alone the many trailler movies to be released. But, surprisingly, there are also some political ads, for example there are ads that advertise for mutual tolerance between each other. Maybe this is meant for the controversial policy of the President of America lately yes, “said Amelia, a university student in New York.

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