“The Walking Dead” : Official Summary For The Second Half Of Season 8

Under the motto “The Last Stand”, the eighth season of “The Walking Dead” will end in the final episodes Nine to Sixteen at the end of February. Now the US station AMC has released a detailed official Synopis for the remaining episodes.

The eighth episode of the eighth season has dismissed the “The Walking Dead” fans again in December with a nasty cliffhanger into the winter break. But soon the apocalyptic war between humans and zombies will happily continue with an extra-long episode. The station AMC now provides a contentual outlook, presents the upcoming episodes under the motto “The Last Stand” and presents the following banner with Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Michonne ( Danai Gurira).

And that’s the official summary of AMC:
“The war has had a devastating effect on everyone involved. The individual communities have been broken, Alexandria has been destroyed and the kingdom smashed – those who have not been killed are now under the control of the Saviors.

In the midst of the conflict is Rick, who has just returned home and learned that Carl, who had heroically escorted the people of Alexandria during the attack by Negan, was bitten by a walker. With this circumstance, Rick and the others have to cope first, because Carl has embodied like no other hope and humanity in desperate times.

Even Aaron and Enid in Oceanside are in a difficult situation and do not know if they are among friends or have made new enemies. Meanwhile, Father Gabriel will do his part and try to help Dr. Smuggle Carson safely back to the Hilltop colony while the pregnant Maggie wrestles with the moral gray areas that lead to wartime leadership. How is she supposed to deal with the dozens of prisoners of war over whom she gains control?

Negan continues to deal with internal struggles in addition to the war, and after giving the Saviors a big win, Eugene’s loyalty to new obstacles is being tested time and again. The line between good and evil is becoming increasingly blurred. ”

There are more of “The Walking Dead” in the US at AMC on February 25th and a day later in Germany at FOX (among others via Sky).

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