“Maze Runner 3” : FSK Announces Age Rating For Trilogy Finale “The Chosen In The Death Zone”

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his friends are running for their lives again – and, according to FSK, anyone who is 12 years or older may watch. The trilogy finale “Maze Runner 3 – The Chosen in the Death Zone” will be released on February 1, 2018.

Like his two predecessor films, “Maze Runner – The Chosen in the Labyrinth” and “Maze Runner 2 – The Chosen in the Fire Desert”, the third part of the series comes with a release from twelve years to the movies. Thus, according to the guidelines of the FSK young people from twelve alone and children over the age of six, accompanied by a person-dependent adult visit the screenings of “Maze Runner 3 – The Chosen in the Death Zone”.

According to Schnittberichte.com the film comes in the uncut version in the cinemas – which has decided the German rating agency much looser than, for example, the British. Because here, the BBFC, the British equivalent of the FSK, has decided that the uncut version of “Maze Runner 3” is too hard for a rating of twelve and the film had to be cut to get the desired 12-release.

Without cuts, so you can see from February 1, 2018 in the cinema, as Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), Newt (Thomas Brodie -Sangster), Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and the other chosen to fight for their lives, according to the unscrupulous organization WCKD seeks. The running time is 142 minutes, directed by the filming of the novel by James Dashner led as well as the two predecessors Wes Ball.

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