Because Of Chaos : How The Multiverse Can Save The DCEU

Ben Affleck stops as Batman! Or maybe not? A joker solo movie is planned, but without Jared Leto? Apparently very contradictory news, but actually no problem – when the multiverse is introduced.

The Multiverse – infinite widths with a felt infinite number of superheroes and super villains. For the first time, the concept was introduced in 1961 in “Flash No. 123: Flash Of Two Worlds”: But what exactly is the Multiverse? It’s a huge collection of parallel worlds that have super heroes and villains, but that differ in small ways from the ones we know.

This concept was driven so far in the comics that even hard-boiled fans could not keep track of which hero came from which earth. Then cleared DC from the 80s, the DC multiverse neatly. Now there are exactly 52 worlds in the Multiverse.

Dan Multiverse: In arrowverse Already Reality
In the series around “The Flash”, “Arrow” and “Supergirl”, the idea of the Multiverse has already been recorded and skilfully implemented to produce exciting cross-over events. For the films of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), the flash-solo film “Flashpoint” could be the start of a new era. If this is the first time a different world is presented here, in which Bruce Wayne is not Batman, but his father Thomas, then it offers completely new possibilities.

Redeployments, reboots and cross-over would be an exciting alternative to making the DC movies fans want. In the video above, we introduce you to the multiverse and its countless possibilities.

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