“Mission : Impossible 6 – Fallout” : Tom Cruise Unveils Official Title For His sixth Appearance As Ethan Hunt

Superstar Tom Cruise went under the Instagram users and not only published a spectacular scene photo from “Mission: Impossible 6” with his first posts, but also announced the official title of the new espionage thriller.

After “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” comes “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”: This is the official title of the sixth movie from the success franchise with Tom Cruise as Topspion Ethan Hunt.

In the signature, Cruise adds that the bar on the new “Mission: Impossible” cracker has been raised even higher, and the picture suggests that he does not exaggerate. Last summer, the superstar was so badly injured in the shooting of part six that the production had to pause for several weeks, but that did not seem to have diminished his almost legendary commitment and risk taking …

Staged is “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” as already part five by Christopher McQuarrie. As well as Tom Cruise as Ethan and his team members or allies also played by Rebecca Ferguson (“Greatest Showman”), Ving Rhames (“Pulp Fiction”), Simon Pegg (“Star Trek Beyond”) and Alec Baldwin (“30 Rock”) Sean Harris (“Prometheus”) back as rogue agent Solomon Lane. Meanwhile, the most prominent newcomer to the series is “Superman” Henry Cavill, about whose role no details are yet known.

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