“Shazam!” – Lead Actor Zachary Levi Wants A Cameo From Wonder Woman

Cameos are an integral part of shared universe superhero films – and Shazam! Lead actor Zachary Levi would also like to see Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) guest appearance for his upcoming DCEU adventure.

With a brief appearance by Samuel L. Jackson after the credits of “Iron Man” in 2008, the foundation stone for the Marvel Cinematic Universe was laid and in the same year took place with the post-credit cameo of Robert Downey Jr. in “The incredible Hulk “the first guest appearance of a superhero in another MCU movie. At least since that moment, cameos in superhero films just to good sound – now also in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU): So appeared about Batman (Ben Affleck) personally for a short stint in “Suicide Squad” on. Also in “Shazam!” There should now be a cameo – at least when it comes to actor Zachary Levi.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight colleagues, Zachary Levi, who is currently on a promo tour for the season finale of “Rapunzel – The Series,” revealed which superhero or super heroine he would like to see as a guest star for “Shazam!”. The answer: “Wonder Woman, because she’s just cool.” Although he would find any kind of cameo supercool, but he had a great admiration for Gal Gadot: “She is so charming and she is a really cool bride – I mean, her was in the Israeli army and she is a mother! ”

Wonder Woman and Shazam : A Perfect Couple
In fact, Levi Wonder Woman not only admires Gal Gadot as the right screen partner, but also for reasons of content: “I think it would be very funny that 14-year-old Billy Batson, who is in Shazam, is in the The presence of this beautiful Amazon would be totally awkward and embarrassed. “In” Shazam! “, As comic readers know, it’s about Billy Batson, who can turn himself into the mighty superhero Captain Marvel by pronouncing the word” Shazam “. While Levi plays the at least outwardly adult Captain Marvel, Asher Angel (“Story Of Andi”) was hired as a teenager Billy Batson.

Whether Levi gets his wish fulfilled and Wonder Woman actually appears in “Shazam!”, Is currently still in the stars. It would be consistent, however, because the two superheroes also fit perfectly in terms of their nature and their world view. “I’m allowed to play a superhero who is happy to be a superhero, and I find that absolutely refreshing,” Levi told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s not dark, Oh, I’ve got to save the world again.” And as we’ve already said elsewhere, the optimism and heroism of Gal Gadot’s figure is one of Wonder Woman’s greatest strengths.

Currently, Levi, Angel and director David F. Sandberg are in the final stages of preparation, shooting for “Shazam!” Is about to begin. The US theatrical release is scheduled for 5 April 2019, in Germany, the film should start in a timely manner, even if no definite date has been fixed.

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