Rumor : “Deadshot” Solo Movie Canceled With Will Smith And “Lobo” At DC

The fact that DC will not do all of the comic adaptations that are going on was long clear. Now, in two projects, the plug should really be out: “Deadshot” and “Lobo” – which would not really be surprising.
With Warner and DC one concentrates in things “Suicide Squad” probably only once on the main row. After a recent statement by David Ayer, it seems that “Gotham City Sirens” will not be around Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and a “Deadshot” film with Will Smith is off the hook. The insiders from the Hollywood Reporter had first reported in December 2016 that in addition to “Suicide Squad 2” also a spin-off is developed around the sniper.

However, the projects never appeared on the official Warner and DC presentations, which is why it should never have been a high priority anyway. According to DiscussingFilm, the project is now finally dead, because Will Smith is no longer there – and without him, it makes no sense of course. The star will re-play the character Deadshot in “Suicide Squad 2” by Gavin O’Connor (“Warrior”, “The Accountant”). The filming is due to commence in 2018, according to Discussing Film.

Comic expert and DC insider Mario Robles reported next to that according to his information in addition to “Deadshot” and “Lobo” is such a project that remained in the planning status and is now no longer on the agenda. Rumors about a comic adaptation around the gigantic bounty hunter circulated for many years. Dwayne Johnson is said to have been in the conversation for the role and was supposed to be pleased – but then took over the part of the Black Adam for one of the other many DC projects in planning. Nevertheless, in 2016, “Wonder Woman” author Jason Fuchs was hired for a “Lobo” script, but apparently this project is dead despite the existing script.

Nevertheless, DC fans can look forward to many more films as many different projects are in very different stages of development. “Aquaman” is already turned off and will be released on December 20, 2018. For “Shazam” is currently the casting and the shooting start soon. The already mentioned “Suicide Squad 2” and “Wonder Woman 2” will also be shot in 2018. And there are also “Batgirl” by Joss Whedon, among others. Lindsay Lohan applied for the job. That the ex-Disney star has a chance, however, may be doubted despite some followers on Twitter.

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