NFL And Super Bowl Is A Multi Billions Of Dollar Business

Talking of the Super Bowl certainly can not be separated from the fact that the NFL is a multibillion-dollar business. One of the key factors behind NFL success is the number of viewers, especially those who watched in front of the screen.

Because of its popularity, the top 10 sporting events in the first seven months of 2016 are NFL matches, so it’s no wonder television stations are competing to pursue the broadcasting rights of the game. Total NFL revenues of US $ 7.1 billion in 2016 also came largely from sales of broadcasting rights.

Not only are NFLs profiting from their popularity in the US. By the end of the day, small and mid-sized businesses such as bars and restaurants also run a variety of Super Bowl-related promotions, from cupcakes to decorations of both teams, Super Bowl themes, and US $ 1 promotions to a chicken wing, when the Super Bowl.

One restaurant even posted an announcement that customers order chicken wings or chicken tenders from long ago. The reason? The restaurant ran out of chicken before the game started!

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